Web Design & Development


At the inception of the project, You will sit down with the team who will be working on the project and we will all spend some time getting to know one another. In order to fully comprehend something as important as your company's website, we must first discover everything about that company. This process involves diving headfirst into what makes our clients' companies unique. We use your core values, your goals, your motivations, and use that to create a project plan that accurately reflects your business. This part of our process will last 1-2 weeks..

Creating a Custom Website Design (for a new or existing website)

Our design process steps

  • Initial client meeting to discuss what you would like your website to do for your business (generate leads? generate sales? info about your service?) and an ongoing open line of communication and exchange of ideas (because sometimes one idea leads to another!)
  • Development of a creative brief/proposal for the project.
  • Presentation of design concepts with revisions to the cho sen design.
  • Creation of the website, including preparation of graphics for use on a website and the installation of the content with consideration given to best practices for websites and SEO.
  • Training for onsite staff (if required)
  • Set-up for domain names and website hosting (if required), including email.
  • Project management that guides you through the process, step-by-step.

Creating a Website from a Template (for a new or existing website)

Using a professionally developed template is a great way to lower the overall cost of a website development or redesign project.Your chosen template can be customized with your logo and the colours matched to your brand/preferred colours. Graphics can be changed to better reflect your product or service.

Updating Your Existing Website

Occassionally your existing website simply needs a fresh look. We can make the changes that you need, whether or not we created the site. Changing your site to include new options as your business grows can be as easy as sending an email or making a call.

Our Portfolio

Our web design portfolio continues to grow and these are a few of our clients

  • www.jospai-tech.com
  • www.kalyenterprises.co.ke
  • www.nairobicoffeeexchange.co.ke
  • www.superbbuilders.co.ke
  • www.pediprokenya.co.ke
  • www.bulkycargo.co.ke
  • www.fastswitchtechnologies.co.ke