Brand Placement

How we do it

We are able to deliver your brand, business by strategically placing content to meet your needs. After researching, we target the most effective way of achieving these goals. We have experience in Product Placement and are driven by challenging the new landscape available to our clients and their brands.

Placement at Events

Our expertise has been employed to help source, negotiate and implement high profile sponsorships. Our events work to enhance, amplify and reinforce the entire communication plan. From PR stunts through to product launches and premiers, we aim to bring a ROI, in sales and exposure. We’ve a wealth of experience to draw upon together with a hefty creative punch which makes our events truly original and memorable.

  • Event Strategy and Conceptualisation
  • Sponsorship of New and Existing Events
  • Event Creation

Placement in Print

We understand the power of the traditional print and ensure our campaigns deliver "talkability". We create a buzz around campaigns and projects that gives print journalists interesting content to write about whether that's in the national, consumer, specialist or regional print press

Placement On-Screen

We create iconic and high profile branded placements through Prop and Product Placement both on the big and small screen. Working with our clients brands and understanding their needs, we secure on screen placement through;

  • Brand exposure across all targeted media programmes genres
  • Scripted and visual messaging in fictional programmes
  • Editorially led content in non fictional shows
  • Working with partners for post production digital insertion
  • Film